Mono Di Orio

ARCHIVE DECANTS - Mona Di Orio - Les Nombres d'Or Vanille


This product is being sold with the intent of sharing and enjoying artistic perfumes with fragrance lovers around the world. Archive Decants are 100% authentic fragrances from our personal collection, and we are not official retailers of these brands.  

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OUR IMPRESSION: Classic men's boutique, boozy vanilla, complex leather and tobacco notes.

THE BRAND SAYS: "A true original version of this classic theme. With the best available vanille from Madagascar Mona created a boozy vanilla perfume: rum barrels, oranges, vanilla beans, ylang-ylang, cloves and sandalwood. Sensual creaminess of a split vanilla bean is right there in front of your nose. Delicious!"

NOTES: Brazilian bitter orange, rum absolute, petitgrain, clove, vanilla from Madagascar, tolu, guaiac wood, vetiver, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, tonka bean, leather, musk, amber

COUNTRY: The Netherlands
PERFUMER: Mona di Orio

TO ORDER: Select the number of milliliters you would like to purchase (any amount you wish), and we will decant that exact amount into a suitable spray perfume bottle just for you. If you are interested in purchasing the entire bottle and its remaining perfume, send us an email.  


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