Mihan Aromatics

Guilty Story Parfum


MAFR003 Guilty Story

Woody Amber

Irresponsible / Lustful / Leading / Gregarious

SCENT POEM: Intent on getting lost in heady afflictions. Richly rubbery, stubbornly unattainable, inviting to touch. Hot like a sunlicked car bonnet yet smooth like the inside of an oyster shell. A familiar scene that’s hard to catch and harder to forget. Volatile of its own volition. Piquant, irreverent and sort of troubled.

INSPIRATION: music festivals, dinner parties, dance floors 

NOTES: neroli, saffron, cinnamon, vanilla, musk, amber, Australian Sandalwood and cedarwood

CONCENTRATION: Parfum 30% concentration
CARRIER: Organic Australian sugarcane alcohol
VOLUME: 100ml spray, 30mL spray or 2mL sample spray
CERTIFICATIONS: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, European Union Safety Certified
PACKAGING DETAILS: heavy metal self-facing magnetic caps, heavy bottom glass bottles, high mist atomizers, textured paper labels, rigid three-part box, 100% recycled papers
PROCESS: designed, formulated, hand-filled, and assembled in-house

SERIES: One - Landmarks
ORIGIN: Melbourne, Australia
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Julia Brown and Joshua Mihan
PERFUMER: Senja Ducray


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