As a way of artistic response to ontological questions and the history of mankind, Neandertal® was conceived by the artist Kentaro Yamada as a platform to think and express beyond our everyday.
Neandertal is a result of collaboration among thinkers such as artists, perfumers and filmmakers. Neandertal imagines the life of this mysterious being while raising questions of the past and future of modern humans.The results are contemporary, highly original, and experimental fragrance structures, free from conventional and traditional perfumery standards.
One a darker, smokier more animalic interpretation of the concept and the other a brighter facet containing higher levels of light, delicate and fresh materials.The Neandertal stoneware perfume bottle is slip cast from a flint knapped hand-axe then fired and vitrified at over 1400°C.
Each bottle is handmade by the artist Kentaro Yamada