ARCHIVE DECANTS - Blocki - For Walks


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OUR IMPRESSION: Floral candy; violet mints, turkish delight, days spent lingering and strolling through heart of your neighborhood, reveling in the beauty of the mundane. The smell of your mom's suitcase after a trip to France; trivial, ancient secrets. 

THE BRAND SAYS: "For Walks takes you from the windswept shores of the Baltic Sea into the hills and forests surrounding Danzig. The meandering paths put your mind at rest; the forest is peaceful and quiet. It is there in the dappled sunlight and the cool, refreshing forest air that you hear the first larks chirp and smell the drifting fragrance of the forest. Escape to the forests of 1800s Pomerania or let for walks inspire your own wanderlust. Inhale as you gather moss, ivy, and violets to celebrate the arrival of spring. An earthy, fresh, uplifting violet fragrance."

NOTES: violet leaf, mint, fir needle, violet and boronia flower, orris, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar

COUNTRY: United States
PERFUMER: Kevin Verspoor

TO ORDER: Select the number of milliliters you would like to purchase (any amount you wish), and we will decant that exact amount into a suitable spray perfume bottle just for you. If you are interested in purchasing the entire bottle and its remaining perfume, send us an email.


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