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ARCHIVE DECANTS - Charenton Macerations - Asphalt Rainbow


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OUR IMPRESSION: A rose that isn't a rose. A blast of aerosolized paint that morphs into ink, an office photocopier, and a distant bouquet of roses that moves into and out of focus. Fans of Comme des Garcons (especially their Odeur series) might find some similarities in this one. Strange, novel, striking, and unique. 
THE BRAND SAYS: "Asphalt Rainbow is built upon the skeletal structure of a deconstructed rose accord. The rose is reimagined as a street art stencil. This fractured floral form is then applied to a series of olfactory walls — blended with scents of concrete, wood, and asphalt —to reveal different sides of the fragmented flower. To add the effect of color distortion, other polarizing scent flourishes are incorporated like splashes of paint (e.g. aldehydes, lactones, sulfurs). Throughout Asphalt Rainbow's progression, pieces of the rose fade and reappear, mimicking the ever-changing state of an outdoor tag. The final perfume is a love letter to the street: a roughed-up rose that’s been turned on its head and nailed to the wall — all for your olfactory pleasure.."

NOTES: Rose Absolute, Rose Fragments, Spray Paint (Aerosols), Galbanum, Lily of the Valley, Lychee, Ylang, Saffron, Magnolia, Leather, Cistus, Asphalt, Detritus, Patchouli, Wood, Amber

COUNTRY: United States
PERFUMER: Cecile Hua

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