Atelier Oblique

Bohemian Woods


Bohemian Woods blurs the lines between remaining in a place and leaving it behind. It is the scent of spiritual belongings, expectations, and decisions. It comes in the company of hope and courage in the heart. Where this scent prevails, not only does it leave a hint of the far away and the sweetness of longing, it also combines these two with the profound knowledge of coming change. It pays homage to its roots, while open-heartedly embracing new ways. The prelude of this extravagant perfume is made by a chord of red Spanish pepper, South African freesia, the wooden and warm hue of somewhere far away meets a rare and exclusive mix of dark resins. Incense epitomizes the belief in change, patchouli the adventures. South American vanilla dances to it on a soft and enticing breeze with whispers of wistfulness.

NOTES: absinthe, elemi-gum, red pepper, freesia, saffron, incense, iris, patchouli, dry woods, musk, leather, vanilla
COUNTRY: Germany
PERFUMER: Serge De Oliveira

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