Mad et Len



ABOUT THE BRAND: Nestled in the mountains of Provence, in the village of Saint-Julien-du-Verdon, you will find a small workshop of craftspeople making candles, perfumes, and fragranced treasures. Mad et Len takes things slowly. Their iron containers are all handmade in Morocco using ancient methods, and their gold-leaf labels are hand-stenciled as if there was no other way.

SMELLS LIKE: Just before night as the first glimpses of a Milky Way appear, the wild fig tree stands on the shore of a lake, its roots exposed in the warm evening air. The scent of the earth and the fruit of the tree combine with creamy wood leaving one with thoughts of the fresh, green canopy above, the damp earth below, and the infinite vaulted sky surrounding it all.

THE CONTAINER: The Apothicaire series pays homage to apothecary bottles used by chemists and pharmacists before the modern age. No two iron containers are the same.

Please reuse or recycle

NOTES: wild fig tree, fruit, and leaves
SIZE: 300g
BURN TIME: 75+ hours
WAX: soy wax
WICK: braided cotton
SERIES: Apothicaire

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