Mad et Len



ABOUT THE BRAND: Nestled in the mountains of Provence, in the village of Saint-Julien-du-Verdon, you will find a small workshop of craftspeople making candles, perfumes and fragranced treasures. Mad et Len takes things slowly. Their iron containers are all handmade in Morocco using ancient methods, and their gold-leaf labels are hand-stenciled as if there was no other way.

SMELLS LIKE: Creamy, warm resins and oriental spices that waft like the smoke of a daily ritual, purifying and scenting the air.

THE CONTAINER: The Apothicaire series pays homage to apothecary bottles used by chemists and pharmacists before the modern age. No two iron containers are the same.

Please reuse or recycle

NOTES: Volute of Belleville Burning Petits Papiers, benzoin and balmy resins - (name means: "SCENTED LITTLE PAPERS")
SIZE: 300g
BURN TIME: 75+ hours
WAX: soy & vegetal blend
WICK: braided cotton
SERIES: Apothicaire

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