Hilde Soliani

ARCHIVE DECANTS - Hilde Soliani - Donna Sentenza


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OUR IMPRESSION:  Bananas foster, runts, candy, pina coladas, vanilla and caramel.

THE BRAND SAYS: [Citing Luckysent]: "Donna Sentenza was born of a joke Hilde Soliani shared with famed Italian butcher, Simone Fracassi, about her possibly slipping on a banana peel. Hilde Soliani slip on a banana peel? Never! Donna Sentenza, the perfume, has the same zany sense of humor and zest for life as Hilde Soliani herself. Known for her special touch with gourmandise, Soliani now turns her attention to banana, making a perfume that’s so fun that we all want in on the joke. Banana milkshake. Banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery in New York. Banana cream pie. When life is getting you down, why not take a break from it all and put a smile back on your face with this deliciously milky banana concoction? Donna Sentenza smells exactly like banana pudding, with layers of banana sandwiched with whipped cream, sugar, and a hint of smoky Nilla wafers around the edges. All good fun, of course, but underpinning it all is Soliani’s seriously good vanilla, the buttery, high quality stuff that makes you want to bite your own arm. Nobody does a cream note quite like Soliani, and now we’re convinced of her special banana powers too. So, if you want to smell like banana pudding from time to time (and honestly, who doesn’t?) but insist on it being a super high-end, artisanal banana pudding with no nasty aftertaste, then look no further than Hilde Soliani’s Donna Sentenza. It’s literally the (banana) bomb.

NOTES: whipped cream, banana, vanilla 

PERFUMER: Hilde Soliani 

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