Hilde Soliani

ARCHIVE DECANTS - Hilde Soliani - Orgasmo


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OUR IMPRESSION: Glücksschwein at Christmas, marzipan, amaretto, cherries, and German bakeries

THE BRAND SAYS: [Citing Luckyscent]: "A swoon-inducing almond elixir that opens with a splash of Amaretto on the rocks. Amaretto is the beloved Italian almond-flavored liqueur whose name means “a little bitter”, which it definitely is. However, it is also a little sweet, with a cherry-like fruitiness that counters the bitterness. That elusive bittersweet quality is at the heart of almond’s appeal and is the centerpiece of this compelling scent. The almond note is full and complex, stepping forward after the intoxicating sweetness of the opening subsides. There is a creamy, dough-like quality underneath – not sugary cookie dough, but rich and buttery bread dough laced with almonds and fruit, with a whisper of salt. There are many elements of a comfort scent here, but the insistent, tantalizing thrum of almond’s dark side keeps this enticingly dangerous. An undercurrent of dry, cool wood gives this the dusky feel of rough velvet and distant smoke. According to Hilde, this was inspired by drinking iced almond coffee on the beach with good friends. All we can say is that must have been some really special coffee and some really nice friends, because this sensuous scent evokes a feeling of true euphoria. Orgasmo has that hypnotic effect where you always want to take one more sniff… just one more. A must have for almond lovers." 

NOTES: amaretto, bitter almond

PERFUMER: Hilde Soliani

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