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This product is being sold with the intent of sharing and enjoying artistic perfumes with fragrance lovers around the world. Archive Decants are 100% authentic fragrances from our personal collection, and we are not official retailers of these brands.

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OUR IMPRESSION: Timbuktu is the scent of quiet moments and sacred spaces. An invigoratingly waxy start gives way to a calming, meditative incense heart. The overall effect is soothing and centering, with wafts of vetiver, woods, and spices emerging throughout the lifespan of the fragrance. 

THE BRAND SAYS: "Evocative of a perfumery ritual in Africa. The scent of smoky flowers, balms, spices and woods... Timbuktu is a unique perfume that combines ancient mysticism with the profoundly modern. It takes inspiration from 'Wusulan,' a ritual used by Malian women to scent their hair and skin. Flower roots, balms and spices are thought to bring love and sensuality. The smoky quality from papyrus wood, incense and patchouli pays tribute to the literal meaning of perfume: 'Per fumum' or 'through smoke'. Africa is evoked in the woody note of vetiver."

NOTES: pink pepper, mango, cardamom, incense, papyrus, karo karounde, vetiver, myrhh, patchouli, benzoin

CONCENTRATION: Eau de Toilette
PERFUMER: Bertrand Duchaufour

TO ORDER: Select the number of milliliters you would like to purchase (any amount you wish), and we will decant that exact amount into a suitable spray perfume bottle just for you. If you are interested in purchasing the entire bottle and its remaining perfume, send us an email.


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