Atelier Oblique

Marble Sea


An elegantly tender and almost aesthetic scent, inspired by the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. Soft as a sea breeze. The grace within this elegant scent presents itself immediately.

Gently dancing notes of bergamot, jasmine, iris and green tea are embraced by a cool, salty breeze of mint and an ozonic aldehyde-composition. A chord like the splash of the waves. The jasmine rose and iris heart notes underline MARBLE SEAS’ mundane gentleness but also its force, persistence, and depth. The pulsating arrangement of musk and a breeze of South American vanilla gives the composition its rhythm, intensity, and calmness. Classy, steadfast and full of grace. Overlooking the open sea. Ascent into eternity.

NOTES: bergamot, green, ozonic, mint, jasmine, rose, iris, woods, musk, vanilla CONCENTRATION: Eau de Parfum
COUNTRY: Germany
PERFUMER: Michele Saramito

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