Mihan Aromatics

Mihan Aromatics Discovery Set


This absulutely perfect discovery set will make anyone feel like they deserve only the very best.

The perfectly square edges of the box create a geometric vacuum of air tight seal that causes the lid to slowly rise as you lift to reveal your treasure.

Each set comes with an information card detailing the scent notes of all six perfumes.

SCENTS: Kirra Curl, Guilty Story, Mikado Bark, Munlark Ash, Sienna Brume, Petrichor Plains

CONCENTRATION: Parfum 30% concentration
CARRIER: Organic Australian sugarcane alcohol
VOLUME: 2mL spray
CERTIFICATIONS: Vegan, Cruelty Free, European Union Safety Certified
PACKAGING DETAILS: exterior paper sleeve over box, black perfume vials with white screen printing, two sided paper card with brand and product details
PROCESS: designed, formulated, hand-filled and assembled in-house

ORIGIN: Melbourne, Australia
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Julia Brown and Joshua Mihan
PERFUMER: Senja Ducray

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