Meo Fusciuni



Where am I? I'm dreaming, or maybe it's reality.

Sogni tells of that moment suspended between dream and reality, that moment when our mind and heart are still in a distant place, and we feel lost, confused as if suspended...

With Sogni, I told my love for Japan, my memories of past travels, my passion for Kawabata's literature,

Kurosawa's films and bonsai trees.

I tried to tell a new story with a warm woody perfume, my Japanese dream.

One day, a long time ago, I thought or dreamed of being able to create a perfect woody perfume where the different woods would tell the story of time, of the passing of life itself, again a challenge, a perfume that could be unique, exciting, and involving.

Sogni is the realization of my desire, an immediate experience, incredibly close to reality and the nature of things. Aesthetic devotion to nature.

The opening notes of Sogni are a Tatami, wood, and Japanese pine needles; we are in an ancient ryokan in Kyoto, and the rain has stopped falling. A bowl of hot rice is beside us to remind us of life's simplicity and purity. Our attention is brought to the nose by the green, clear, and transparent note of a bamboo forest; the flowery note of Peony is an emotional haiku. An instant that preludes the awakening of the soul from the dream. Finally, the lights of this dawn envelop the woody notes of Sandalwood, Cedar, and the typical accord of the Kodo ritual, incense. A journey into the beauty of Japanese harmony.

"This perfume is dedicated to my great friend, Makoto Horisaki"

Olfactory family: Woody
Facets: Floral, Gourmand, Incense, Amber

Composition: Tatami, Pine Needles, Rice Absolute, Peony, Bamboo, Kodo Ritual, Cedarwood, Sandalwood,
Oakwood, Roasted Green Tea, Tobacco, Guaiac Wood, Incense, Vetiver, Musk, Amber

Sogni was thought, created, and arranged while listening to the album Async by R. Sakamoto and reading the words of Y. Kawabata during each of these stages.

NOTES: tatami, pine needles, rice absolute, peony, bamboo, Kodo ritual, cedarwood, sandalwood, oakwood, roasted green tea, tobacco, guaiac wood, incense, vetiver, musk, amber
VOLUME: 100ml spray
SERIES: Timeless Trilogy
PERFUMER: Giuseppe Imprezzabile

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