Untitled is a perfume born out of a year-long evolutionary process, rather than following a brief. What started as an idea to create a carnation perfume resulted in an expressive scent that also bears witness to its creation.

A powerful and dark composition in Extrait concentration born out of an unrepeatable process, the perfume is limited to 99 bottles.

The symbolic and minimalist bottle and packaging were co-designed with Francesca Gotti. Each bottle contains a single red glass bead from 99-piece traditional prayer beads.

The numbered and signed cards inside are marked with an imprint of one of the bottle prototypes that was left unused.

NOTES: carnation, turkish rose, aged indian oud, pepper, rubber, smoke, musk, sandalwood, cinnamon, immortelle, vanilla, soil, glue
CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum
PERFUMER: Ömer Ipekçi

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